Who I Am & What I Do

My name is Charlotte Rose. I am a conceptual feminist artist current studying Fine Art at Southampton Solent University. My work explores all mediums contextualised into two main categories; feminism and the human form.

I have collaborated in a number of exhibitions and featured on various album covers with Reading-made band ‘Roves’; their first album ‘A Strung Out Pilot’ and newest single release, ‘I’m On Your Side’. I hope to be releasing more this year with them.



In 2018 I studied at Reading college where I took part at the end of year show, here I explored my day to day life during the year, I provided some photography and film which I produced for the final show.

In 2019 I collaborated at another exhibition in my first year of university studies. This was shown on campus at Solent Fine Art studios and was a combination of feminist work named 'Tissue'. This was in response to us being the first year group to contain only female students.

More recently I was part of the marketing and promotions team for my Second Year Exhibition as part of my University studies. Unfortunately this had to be cancelled due to issues surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, but updates and promotions from this exhibition are still available on Instagram at @youreseeingitfirst or Twitter at @ureseeingit1st.

I have worked with artists under strict time conditions to create various album covers. I am continuing working with Roves band for their new upcoming singles. T-Shirts with my designs on them have been featured online and available to buy in ‘Beyond the Download’ located in Wokingham town centre.


My Current Work